Twitter /blogo Spheres /verses Oh My! Net Jargon.

D - I cannot believe it, CBC is all digital and internetty now!
The times, they are a'changin'.

Twitter is a microblogging tool to tell loyal followers what you're doing at any given time, in 140 characters or less.


Slang for the Twitter universe, it stands for the community of Twitter users and their collective voice.

The twitterverse, like the blogosphere, has created a cornucopia of new online jargon including:tweeps - Twitter followers, someone's Twitter peeps as in peopletweetup - A meetup (organized or impromptu gathering) of people that use Twittertwitt - A newbie (or an insignificant, bothersome person) using Twittertwitterati - Twitter power users, the tweet elite whose feeds attract thousands of followerstwitterature - Classic literature in tweetsretweet - Copying and posting another person's Twitter contenttwibe - A group of Twitter users interested in a common topicsweeple - Sweet Twitter peopletweepish - Feeling sheepish or regretful about something you tweetedtweetaholic - A person addicted to tweetingtwittermob - A flash mob formed as a result of sharing information on Twittertwitterhea - Feeling compelled to tweet constantly about every meaningless thing you dotwalker - One who "stalks" others on Twitter in the sense that he or she doesn't post tweets but rather just reads them and therefore lurks like a trolltweckling - One who "heckles" via Twitter, most commonly seen at conferences or town halls