Thai Tom Yum Noodles

Photo courtesy of Malaka at Aloha Mahalo
I went out for lunch with my dear friend Malaka from Aloha Mahalo a couple of weeks back. We'd been planning on a Vietnamese banquet, but there was not even room to wait inside the restaurant we'd chosen, so we went to Thailand instead! Or at least an authentic hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurant (Tinun @ Akasaka) . The rainy season was just officially over, and that meant blazing heat to add to the joys of high humidity. Just like in Thailand (g). We got a seat close to the open door, and with naught but a fan to keep us cool, we might as well have been in the Kingdom itself.

Malaka and I both ended up ordering tom yum noodles: Chinese-style egg noodles for her, and fat rice noodles for me. And they were superb. Really just what the doctor ordered. The lovely Tinun people didn't even scrimp on the coriander. Yeah!!

Anyway, I happen to know that tom yum fat rice noodles is on the menu today on the Ajiwai Cooking section of NHK program Asia Crossroads, and so watch this space for one rendition (in Japanese) of this Thai classic later today.

Good job I went to my favourite Thai shop not long ago; I feel another Thai food fixation coming on. I'll let you know when I get a good recipe for you...