Sushi Bowl

Our family is not made up of football fans. As such, we never watch the Super Bowl and could really care less about all the pigskin hoopla. While most of America was sitting home watching commercials--I mean football--we went out for sushi. But not just any sushi, no. We went to Blue C, the home of sushi on a conveyor belt.

I know conveyor belt sushi is not unique to Blue C--hell, it's all over the world--but Blue C's atmosphere make it so much fun. When you go in, you slide into an extra long booth and have your beverage delivered to you. You mix up wasabi and soy sauce to your taste and then let the real fun begin.

Throughout the entire restaurant, a conveyor belt snakes past booths, carrying on it color coded plates, each topped with a plastic dome. Under the dome are all sorts of yummy options: different variations of raw and cooked rolls, gunkan and nigri, hand rolls, teriyaki, katsu, salads, tempura, and, when you're all done with your meal, the yummiest puff pastries. You get to eat as much (or as little) as you want, and the color coded plates tell you how much each plate costs.

As a bonus--or perhaps to make the whole experience more kid-friendly--Blue C sells funny Japanese toys that are a must. They also project anime or street scenes of gothy Japanese kids in Japan.

One of my favorite things about Blue C is the bathroom. Since they're playing up their Japanese-ness, all of the Blue C locations have Japanese hand dryers in the bathrooms. If you haven't seen or used a Mitsubishi Jet Towel, you're missing out (click here for a post I wrote about them on my now defunct personal blog).

Even if you're not a sushi fan, a trip to Blue C will put you in a good mood.