Pilates For Arms | 10 Minute Mat Pilates Workout | Pilates With Hannah | 4k

Toned arms are good arms! Join me for a quick 10 minute pilates arm workout. Strengthen and lengthen your biceps, triceps, shoulders and forearms.

Bur, my very cute poodle, likes to sleep around the time I record. Please don't let him distract you from the workout (tehee) or do, because I think he's very cute!

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The video is shot in incredible 4K cinema-quality for you to have the best viewing experience. Set the YouTube quality to 4K in the lower right hand corner and watch it in big screen to enjoy your workout as much as possible.


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Video Filming & Editing: Zach Frenzel

Music: www.bendsound.com

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Pilates for Arms | 10 Minute Mat Pilates Workout | Pilates with Hannah | 4k exercise 14.1 class 11

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