Ontario Courts Have Trouble Finding Translators


D: and the Supreme Court too.


The use of interpreters in Ontario courtrooms could become a serious issue after about 40 per cent in the first group failed the new proficiency tests

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/toronto/story/2010/04/16/court-interpreters.html#ixzz0mEANugbL

D: I read 1/3 failed and 1/3 are not functional.

I can hear the refrains.
Just learn English! Just find good translators!

How do you convey something in another language? There's an Italian saying, "traduttore, traditore." That is, "translator, traitor.

D: I wonder if an artifically designed auxiliary language, or a highly controlled natural language, still seem 'too hard'.

D: too expensive?
See the 1/4 -1/5 of operating budget that EU/ UN translation services consume.

Still too hard? Still too expensive?

Try too stuck in our ways. Too bigotted (sp.) as Anglos that everybody should learn English.
We'll regret that sentiment. By 2100, The Chinese will be saying 'just learn Mandarin!' in exasperation.

Try it sometime.