New Publication: Life And Cult Of Cnut The Holy - The First Royal Saint Of Denmark

In November 2017 I attended the seminar Life and Cult of Cnut the Holy, arranged in collaboration between the research group Centrum at Odense Bys Museer (Odense City Museums), senior researcher Anne Hedeager Krag, and the University of Southern Denmark (my then employer). This seminar had grown out of recent archaeological excavations in Odense that had begun in 2015. These excavations had shed new and much needed light on the city's medieval past, and the wealth of new information allowed for a reappraisal on several aspects of Odense's history. The seminar was centred on Knud Svendsson, king of Denmark, who reigned from 1080 until his death in Odense in 1086 following a kingdom-wide rebellion, and who was declared a saint at an synod of Danish bishops in 1095. The seminar brought together a range of experts from many different background and from several disciplines, and the papers dealt with aspects of Danish medieval history as well as comparative cases from other parts of Latin Christendom. 

The proceedings from this seminar is now finally available as an open access e-book, downloadable from this address:

The volume, Life and Cult of Cnut the Holy - The first royal saint of Denmark, is co-edited by Mikael Manøe Bjerregaard, Mads Runge, Anne Hedeager Krag and myself, and it is published by Odense Bys Museers as volume 4 in the series Archaeological and Historical Studies in Centrality.