Malaysia, Iran, Oil
What the hell is happening? Halting Iranian oil import to avoid US sanctions??? Where the hell you put Malaysia's dignity oh minister? After this what else, giving land for US army for a "world peace" plans? Oh my Malaysia fellows, you know what will happen soon? Increase of oil price definitely! You think Arab Saudi is really a good source for oil and a good friend to be?Then what will happen to our palm oil industry if Iran stop to buy our palm oil? Yes, our parents back at hometown who now earn at least 1k/month for the palm oil plantations will lose it. Come on government, why you did this? I always proud of you guys of stabilizing our economy but this time totally I regret! Please stop depending on US! If not, sooner or later or we are already become the slave of AMERICA!
 p/s: election is near, don't let me cross the wrong guy