IKA - I Am Who You Are

Label and copyright: Ammonite Records
YouTube distribution: Tempo Digital

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you were born to reach those little flames in the sky
and i was born to keep you safe from harm
so don't be ill and don't be mad
i'm just a boy
don't be ill and don't be mad

i don't know if you realize my heart needs mending, too
And all this time and all the pages somehow came down to you
so don't be ill and don't be mad
i'm just a girl
don't be ill and don't be mad

your pretty eyes are reckless but i can see they are afraid
all i fear is your memories will fade
so don't be ill and don't be mad
i'm just a boy
don't be ill and don't be mad

i know it sounds like glass and i know it feels like glass
when someone breaks your heart
oh, i know ill and i know mad
i'm just a girl
i know ill and i know mad



IKA - I Am Who You Are americana salon

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