For The Language Loving Giants And Patriots Fans

As well as all sports fans and/or language enthusiasts, I present to you a compilation of language-related Super Bowl XLVI links.
Macmillan Dictionary the Super Bowl - definition Wordnik Word Soup-er BowlThe Wall Street Journal Words With GiantsThe Wall Street Journal The NFL Has an 'L' of a ProblemThe New York Times Fill-In | Super Bowl Ads (similar to Mad Libs)Chicago Tribune A winning strategy for Super Bowl ads: Baby Boomers are the target demographic, experts say. So with that in mind, drop 'golden years' language and go with 'the good life.' Forbes Super Bowl Commercials Are All Bang, No Buck (purchase-focused language)Web Pro News Listen to the Super Bowl in 10 LanguagesThe American Association of People with Disabilities AAPD Applauds American Sign Language in Super Bowljohnwalshcopy What’s In A Name? My “Tebow” Epiphany22 Words And the winner for Best Super Bowl Commercial is…
And last but not least, from the winner of's Cartoon Caption Contest -
If the Patriots win the Super Bowl, they're going to rename it "Eastah Island."
- Sidra Coleman, Nahant
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